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70mai Dash Cam M500 Takes Your Dash Cam Video Recording and Monitoring Capabilities to the Next Level

70mai Dash Cam M500 Takes Your Dash Cam Video Recording and Monitoring Capabilities to the Next Level

Dash cameras are essential components of modern vehicles because they allow you to capture videos for safety and security. Most of the dash cameras on the market offer decent video recording and image capture capabilities. But that’s where their functionality ends. To offer comprehensive security, dash cams must have numerous other smart features, such as loop recording, voice controls, smart alerts, tire monitoring, and much more.

And that’s precisely where 70mai’s latest dash cam comes into the picture. 70mai has established itself as a company dedicated to offering the highest standards of driving safety technologies. With the M500, 70mai takes dash cam capabilities to the next level. Not only is the 70mai Dash Cam M500 incredibly clear and powerful in video recording, but it also offers parking surveillance, emergency recording, tire monitoring, and other smart features.

We highlight 70mai Dash Cam M500’s most exciting smart security features and capabilities.

HDR technology and an extra-wide lens ensures crystal-clear images

The primary goal of a dash cam is to record images and videos. 70mai M500 accomplishes that goal brilliantly. It features a 5-megapixel camera that records videos in 1944P, which is approximately 2.5x clearer and sharper than Full HD. It also features a 170° lens that eliminates blind spots, so you don’t miss a thing.

Furthermore, thanks to advanced HDR, the camera can capture crystal-clear visuals in bright lights and poorly-lit settings, and it always produces high-contrast images that reveal all details with the utmost clarity. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the waning hours of the night, you don’t have to worry about missing important details.

Excellent night vision with F 2.0 aperture

The 70mai M500 dash cam features an F2.0 aperture, which can pull in more light at night and low-light settings. Thanks to a large aperture, you can enjoy bright and clear images and videos even in the depths of night. Furthermore, the HDR technology automatically adjusts the exposure and produces evenly-exposed images, ensuring consistency in clarity between your daytime footage and nighttime footage.

Optimized 24-hour parking surveillance with smart alerts and time-lapse recording

24-hour parking surveillance is an essential component of dash cams. Your dash cam must record footage when your car is parked, so you can capture videos during accidents, collisions, and other unforeseen circumstances. But sifting through 24 hours of footage can be a daunting and nearly impossible process, especially if you don’t know exactly which time frame to focus on.

The 70mai M500 dash cam optimizes parking surveillance with smart alerts and inbuilt G-sensors that automatically start recording when collisions or sudden shakes are detected. Once an emergency video is initiated, you receive a smart voice alert on your phone, so you can immediately take action. The emergency videos are also locked to prevent overwriting.

Furthermore, the intelligent time-lapse feature can compress 30 minutes of footage into one minute. That means you can sift through 24 hours of footage within an hour. Furthermore, the time-lapse and continuous recording features can reduce the space taken on your device, allowing you to store several weeks of footage without overwriting.

Optimal route tracking and accident detections with inbuilt GPS & GLONASS

The 70mai M500 has an inbuilt GPS, and it also receives signals from GLONASS satellites, ensuring optimal data accuracy. You receive real-time trip updates, including the speed and coordinates of the vehicle, so you can identify its exact location. This feature is extremely useful because you can trace the vehicle’s driving route, find it if it’s stolen, and identify its exact location during collisions.

Intelligent tire pressure monitoring and voice alerts

dashcam m500

The 70mai M500 includes numerous intelligent and smart features, such as tire pressure monitoring. When the dash cam identifies an abnormal tire pressure, you receive instant alerts, which can help you avoid collisions and accidents. The 70mai app also provides real-time information about your vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature, so you can take action promptly.

Speedy read and write with inbuilt eMMC storage

The 70mai M500 features inbuilt eMMC storage, so you don’t need to add external SD cards or memory cards. Because of the inbuilt eMMC, there’s no risk of memory card errors and failures, ensuring reliable recording with fast read and write speeds. New footage automatically overwrites older footage, so it’s like you have unlimited storage - you never receive the full memory message. However, emergency recordings are saved separately, so they’re not lost during overwrites.

If you’re a dash cam user who cares about your vehicle’s safety and security and accessing real-time and reliable information, the 70mai M500 is certainly worth considering.

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